Leisure Signs

We supply top quality signs for an incredibly wide and diverse range of leisure applications and leisure businesses.

At Sovereign, our leisure markets start in the world of bookmakers, casinos and hotels through sports clubs, health centres and spas before entering the more sedate environments of art galleries, museums and theatres. If we then include the food and drink industry (e.g. pub signs, bar signs, café signs and fast food signs), ‘leisure signs’ becomes an incredibly broad market term.

Almost every type of sign type or sign style imaginable can be, and is, supplied into the leisure market by Sovereign Signs.

Often needing to make a real point of difference or stand out from the crowd, leisure signage can include some of the most striking uses of colour, technology and illumination. Recent projects have seen the use of LED sign light boxes, illuminated fabric sign systems, vinyl wallpapers and provocative window graphics. Alternatively, leisure signs can also be a little more refined, informative or thought provoking.

Whatever the target audience you have in mind or what your brand aims are, signs for the leisure industry can be produced in-house and installed by our fully employed crews.

To find out more about our signage and branding services, talktous or call on 01482 618234.

Case Studies

Paddy Power – Bookmakers Signage