Automotive, Motor & Garage Signage

Automotive, motor and garage signs are a real specialty at Sovereign.

The UK motor and garage sectors demand incredibly high levels of service and expertise across all aspects of their sign design, manufacture and signage installation. Our portfolio of clients from within these markets, we think, tells its own story.

Automotive sectors fully understand that good signage applied to individual garages, stations and outlets is a constant re-enforcement to their clients and prospective clients of both their brand and message. Permanent, yet flexible, signage schemes using durable, often structural, materials remain at the forefront of everything we do in this market. The nature of project installations and the safety considerations required within site environments constantly push our business forward, driving progression in sign materials as well as assisting in the development of specialist sign technologies.

If you need a range of automotive or garage signs designed from scratch, or simply want to tap into our extensive knowledge, we’d be delighted to help. Alternatively, if you’d like us to work alongside you or within your direct teams we can also help and have proven over 25+ years that we can add value to often difficult and diverse requirements.

To find out more about our sign and branding services within the UK motor, garage and automotive sections either talktous or call on 01482 618234.

Case Studies

Bosch Car Service – Garage Signs
Kwik Fit – Auto Parts Signage
Autoglass – Auto Windscreen Signage
Formula One Autocentres – Autocentre Chain Signage
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