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Why Your Business Needs Professional Signage

Date Published ‐ 28/09/2021

Regardless of the size, age and nature of a business, its commercial premises need to be fit for purpose. This includes a variety of factors, such as having enough capacity for staff and being equipped with systems that keep everyone safe. However, one area that many businesses fall behind on is signage, which can cause significant issues.



Why is commercial signage important?

One of the most obvious roles of commercial signage is to show people where you are in a fast and effective way. Without a clear and visible sign that includes your company name and logo, you can easily be missed even if your premises are very large.

The need for high levels of visibility applies to new staff, interviewees, delivery drivers, couriers, stakeholders, journalists and any other people who need to visit you. Then of course you have your customers, which could be members of the public or representatives from other businesses depending on the nature of the goods and services you provide. If they can’t see where you are, where to park and how to get into the building, this will only cause confusion, frustration and delays.


Signage promotes awareness

Aside from immediately showing people your location, high-quality signage is also a constant advert for your business. Whether you’re based on the high street or adjacent to a busy motorway, an eye-catching sign promotes your brand around the clock.

The more eyes you have viewing your signage each day, the more your brand will become known, remembered and talked about. This benefits not only enquiries and sales but also recruitment, public relations and your company’s local and national status.


Use signs to communicate messages

So far we’ve talked about branded signage that advertises your business – now it’s time to look at how other types of signs help people to carry out a range of actions with ease.

Directional signs can be found everywhere you look and take a variety of forms. This type of signage can do anything from guiding people toward specific departments, fire exits and health and safety equipment, to telling them where they can find the nearest toilet. These signs can contain words, numbers, arrows, icons and other forms of communication to direct people in moments, saving time for visitors and staff members alike.


Promotional signage

Last but certainly not least, commercial signage plays a leading role in advertising goods and services. Whether it’s a small independent shop, market stall, high street store, supermarket or an enormous wholesale unit, internal signage is crucial in order for customers to instantly know where to find the items they require.

As well as directing people to the right sections and aisles, signage is also a powerful method of advertising special offers, discounts and competitions, which will significantly increase uptake. They’re also a great way to get people involved in your community projects, such as donating to your foodbank collection or buying tickets to a raffle in aid of a worthy cause.


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