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Why Signage is Important for Your Business

Date Published ‐ 01/06/2021

Why Signage is Important for Your Business


The specialists here at Sovereign Signs are dedicated to supplying the highest standard of signage to businesses of all sizes across the UK. There are multiple benefits that come with using clear signage across commercial premises, industrial sites and public spaces, so we’ve rounded up the top examples to help you decide what you need.


Brand awareness

Let’s start with the one that most likely leaps to mind when you think of signage, which is the business name that people see as they arrive at your premises. Whether it’s a standalone sign, individual lettering, an illuminated board, messages on glass or truly unique signage created from plastic, aluminium or any other material, its role is to advertise who you are and offer visitors a friendly welcome before they even walk through the door.

Sovereign Signs has designed, manufactured and installed external signage for a huge range of prestigious clients, including Leeds Playhouse, the University of Hull, Broad Street Shopping Centre in Reading, Leicester City Football Club and Laura Ashley retail stores. Each piece of signage was created according to the client’s precise needs, with the shared purpose of making their brands stand out from the crowd.


Clear communication

Another of the most obvious and powerful features of signage is the ability to communicate messages very quickly and without any ambiguity. The key here is to make your signs as clear and concise as possible, otherwise a scenario known as “cognitive overload” may occur. This is where too much information is offered in one go, which can cause the viewer to become overwhelmed and disorientated.

To ensure that your signage does its job without exception, it’s important to make it very easy to digest. This can be done through minimal text, helpful symbols or a combination of the two. For instance, a sign that uses directional arrows or floor numbers to indicate where certain departments are based will always prove highly effective. Another example that surely everyone has appreciated on numerous occasions is an icon that tells you where the nearest toilets are located.


Keeping people safe

Safety signage is also very commonplace and every kind of workplace will contain multiple instances of it. From classic signage that shows where First Aid and fire safety equipment is stored, to more recent requirements that revolve around social distancing and hand sanitisation, uncomplicated signage helps to protect people through instructions relating to health, safety and wellbeing.  

As well as being in the best interests of your staff, visitors and customers, putting in place distinct safety signage also helps to keep your business compliant and working in line with the latest regulations.


Retail signage

If your business operates within the retail sector, you’d surely be lost without eye-catching promotional signage. This can be used to advertise special offers, limited time discounts, new product announcements and anything else that grabs the attention of consumers.

On top of unmissable promotions, internal signage also helps to tell customers where to find product ranges, departments and checkouts, which makes their retail experience much smoother and more enjoyable. Then there are the smaller signs that still pack a punch, such as those that share your opening hours, which cards you accept, your refund policy and how you rank on websites such as Trustpilot.


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