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How to Choose the Right Kind of Signage

Date Published ‐ 05/08/2021

Signage is hugely important to every type of business and organisation. From providing directional information and keeping people safe to raising brand awareness and informing customers of special offers, signage can be used for a wide range of purposes.

Many of our clients choose a combination of these signage formats, as each one brings unique benefits to internal and external spaces alike. To help you choose the right kinds of signage for your business, we’ve outlined the main types and how they work.

Fascia signs

Starting with the sign that grabs attention and reassures visitors that they’re in the right place, fascia signs are large displays that present your brand and logo in a truly eye-catching way. From small retail units to supermarkets and sports stadiums, Sovereign Signs can design, manufacture, install and maintain fascia signage on any scale.


Built-up letters

The next time you’re out and about, take a look around and you’re bound to spot multiple signs that use built-up letters. Rather than being a flat sign, built-up letters literally stand out and can be created in a wide range of styles. They don’t even have to be flat against your building’s façade, as we can create built-up letter signs that wrap around different shapes.

Digital print and vinyl

It’s not just buildings that we create signage for, as we can also supply striking digital print and vinyl wraps for company vehicles and anything else that requires your branding.

Our digital printing comes with photographic quality and looks absolutely amazing, making it perfect for additional signage in your commercial premises as well as trade stands at industry events. Whatever you need branding up, just let us know.

Flex face signage

Primarily used for outdoor applications, flex face signage is a popular choice for shopfronts, retail parks and other places in need of large customer-facing signage that can’t be missed.

It’s called flex face because the signage is made from a flexible, tensioned PVC banner substrate that stretches across the face of the sign. By choosing flex face, your business is able to put up enormous signage without the massive price tag, plus we can supply and install built-in illumination to make it impossible to miss.

Speaking of illumination, that’s another category of signage that we provide to our valued clients. We can design, manufacture and install your signage complete with an LED lighting system, ensuring that your customers can always find you even when it’s pitch black outside.

Totem signs

Any business that’s part of a shared retail, office or industrial complex will almost certainly need totem signage. Totem signs are the large freestanding structures that tell visitors which businesses are located on the site, plus they’re also popular with cultural attractions and heritage sites as a means of directing visitors to key facilities.

We can provide and install totem signs that are illuminated either externally or from within, ensuring that your brand is always highly visible.


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