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Different Types of Signage

Date Published ‐ 20/10/2021

Built Up Letters

Built Up Letters are a popular type of signage found on commercial properties throughout most industry sectors. Sovereign Sign’s Built-Up Letts are all manufactured in house, using our range of modern technologies and traditional skills that have been taught across our staff. There are a range of fabrications that make up Built Up Letters, like Classic 3D, Rim and Return, Halo Illuminated and Face Illuminated. All of these can be made bespoke to businesses for a truly unique curb appeal.

Digital Print and Vinyl Applications

Digital Print and Vinyl applications are a more accessible form of signage and great for internal use, specifically for decorating office spaces. They are a flexible and versatile sticker-type product that can be applied to several surfaces like walls and windows. Our high-quality self-adhesive vinyl doesn’t fade and can withstand high temperatures without peeling. There are several different types of digital print and vinyl applications to choose from. There is vinyl cut lettering, print and cut digital graphics, right through to full digitally printed flex face PVC skins. You may have seen examples of vinyl stickers that are block colours, but our digital pint department can produce photographic quality images for both internal and external applications as well as vehicles.

Fascia Signs

Fascia signs are a robust and long-lasting example of signage that is common on the high street. It allows customers to see your brand from far away. A fascia sign is any signage that is put on the front of a building but does not project very far out from the building itself. Whilst the construction itself is substantial, the fascia sign design will usually feature the flat logo of the business.

Flex Face Signage

This type of signage is part of a system that is most often used for outdoor applications and locations like retail parks, the kind of place with large customer-facing businesses. The term “flex face” comes from the system's primary feature of tensioned flexible PVC substrate that stretches across the face of the sign. The texture is more like the face of a drum, but since everyone who views this large signage only sees them from far away, we assume it is plastic, metal, or another hard material. This softer material is much more scalable and safer, and you can print to a much larger scale and with acrylic or composite panels.


Using LEDs, we can create illuminated end products. LED technology means you can now have illuminated signage in more locations than ever before and caters to the most affordable budgets. There are endless possibilities to help your signs stick out thanks to developing technology.

Totem Signs

The large freestanding signs you see in retail parks that feature more than one brand on them are usually referred to as Totem Signs. They are great for high visibility and providing information. As they are so tall, they guarantee maximum coverage and visibility from many different directions, to appeal to passing motorists. Totem signage can also be internally or externally illuminated to further the visual impact.

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