Sovereign Signs

Established in 1988 we are one of the most successful UK sign companies, providing external and internal sign solutions to a range of market leading, high profile and newly established clients. We are responsible for the manufacture and installation of some of the best known and most recognisable branded signs across the UK & Ireland.

In fully understanding the imperative nature of first impressions, we tailor our signage proposals and sign provisions to individual and bespoke business needs. A brand is always a focal point or calling card for clients to establish EXACTLY who your business is what it stands for as well as underlining and re-enforcing core values. Brand translation into any signage medium is therefore vital and exactly what we do.

We provide clear sign and graphics solutions which are designed, visualised, manufactured and installed by fully employed experts being either time-served sign tradesmen or accredited signage professionals.

Having begun life in a recession, our core business aims and values have rarely changed. We offer robust, turn-key and UK-wide sign solutions to Retail, Commercial, SME, Industrial, Leisure and Property clients. Our services range from visual sign design and sign project management through in-house sign manufacturing and sign delivery to final brand installation.

The knowledge and experience we have gained allows us to cover a vast array of sign markets and signage sectors. Offering main fascia signage, gantry signs, totem signs, logos, monolith signage, built up letters, sign illumination, wayfinding, window vinyls, LED variations, graphic wallpapers, projection signs and much, much more… we are renowned throughout our key accounts, new clients and our wider industry as a robust and reliable sign company who consistently add value to signage programmes and sign contracts alike.

Experience tells us that, the allocation of a single point of contact (or team on larger projects) results in making everyone’s life simpler, more productive and contributes massively towards us all smiling more often. Our ISO accredited systems and procedures are proven to deliver the very best sign service and signage qualities. However, unlike many, our systems maintain ‘designed-in’ flexibility to enable the adoption of more specific client needs, KPI’s and alternative requirements. With regards to sign project methodology, we are happy to either lead your team via audited steps or alternatively, work to your prescription.

Sitting within the wider Strata Holdings group, we are able to pass on the benefits of our group manufacturing strength to our clients as well as wider consolidated purchasing arrangements.

Our extensive plant, skills and capabilities allow the following sign processes to be undertaken in-house (unless noted)

Sign Metals Engineering & Fabrication  – Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium & Aluminium Composites

Sheet Fabrication – Guillotining – Rolling – Folding – Coded welding – Specialist Finishing – Letter Making – Composite Fabrication

Sign Metals Finishing – Specialist pre-preparations and surface finishes – Galvanising (Outsourced) – Stove enamelling (Outsourced) – Vandal resistant coatings (Outsourced) – Powder Coating – Paint Coating & Finishes

Sign Plastics – General fabrication and manipulation- Heat forming & folding – Polishing & finishing – Vacuum Forming – Letter making and build up

Sign Materials Cutting – CNC routing and cutting, Laser cutting (25mm MS 15mm SS 12mm Alu) – Water Jet cutting (Outsourced)

Sign Vinyl & Print – Large format digital printing – Cutting and detailing – Digital print wallpapers – Digital Graphics – Flexface skins & sign panels

Sign Lighting – Static & color change LED illumination – Neon Tubing (Outsourced) – Cold cathode tube illumination – Fluorescent illumination – Efficient lighting systems – traditional lighting – trough lighting – specialist illumination

Sign Joinery – CNC routing – planning and finishing – textures and surface finishing – MDF & timber fabrication – decorative framing and cladding – specialist joinery

The above, whilst not an exhaustive list, covers the majority of our standard internal sign manufacture disciplines which are used in the production of corporate signs, sign imaging and customized signs. Our aim is to continue to be a one stop shop for all signage requirements providing a complete range of external and internal signs.

“At Sovereign we consider ourselves to be the best manufacturer and installer of signs you’ll find. Working with you and your brand our expertise and service are unrivalled”   – Ian Jones

To stand out from the crowd please talktous or call 01482 618234