Long term business success delivered through continual internal investment in our employees and facilities.
“Safe hands”

Honesty in the relationships we build and trust amongst those we choose to have commercial dealings with.
“No bull”

A commitment to environmentally sound principles and practices guides us towards ISO14001 & ISO14040. As a Group commitment and partnerships with The Carbon Trust and other bodies to reduce our footprint and deploy strict sustainability levels upon suppliers.
“Leaner and greener”

Mutual confidentiality is paramount in providing the bedrock upon which long term relationships can be built. Your trust in us is integral to all our undertakings.
“Secrets are always safe”

We are forthright and bold, taking responsibility and sharing home truths. Eliminating sub-contracting in manufacture and the use of fully employed staff manages project and delivers results.
“Walking the walk”

Open transparent pricing, recognition of budgets and flexible adaptation to client needs, wherever possible.
“Marked up not made up”

Design & Planning
Full recognition and acceptance that companies and clients will come to us with different levels of maturity and possess vastly different amounts of brand collateral and internal resources. Flexible to full client instruction as well as being able to mould our accredited signage procedures around your business needs.
“Simple sensible solutions”

We often sit at the forefront of innovation within the sign industry (e.g. pioneering the use of large scale digital print Flexface sign systems in the late 80’s and Dibond composite sign materials in the early 90’s). In trusting our experience and judgment, we often take a watching brief with ‘trend’ products choosing to enter markets only with the robust assurances.

Our investment in our people, facilities and machinery are at the forefront of our business and drive some of the most modern and up to date sign production techniques available within the UK.
“Make it smart”

An installed sign is a lasting image with which everyone can evaluate and judge us. It represents the achievement of a stated objective and the conclusion of a team effort.

25+ years of Sovereigns installed signs, completed works and sign schemes can be seen throughout the UK.

We will not compromise to deliver the achievable results a client expects.
“Only the best will do”

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